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Mrs. Dodie Osteen with youngest daughter, April Osteen Simon

Mrs. Dodie Osteen with youngest daughter, April Osteen Simon

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Pastor Gary & April Simons of HighPoint Church in Arlington.

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Fruit of the Spirit

was invited out to High Point Church on July 17, 2009 for “Chik Nite.” High Point Church is pastored by Gary & April Simons, also the founders of the church.  High Point Church has a beautiful serene campus and most may know it as the former Johnson & Johnson Building which was housed off of I-20 & Texas 360 at Arbrook Street in Arlington. 

Gary Simons is married to the youngest of the Osteen children (April).  April is the off-spring of a pastoral legacy in South Texas.  April’s parents (the late John & Dodie Osteen) are the founders of Lakewood Church in Houston, now pastored by Joel Osteen who is chasing his father’s legacy very successfully.  Lakewood Church, the largest Church in Houston, is truly “The Changing of the Guards” precisely choreographed and orchestrated by none other than God himself.  All five of the Osteen’s children or either directly involved in the ministry or missionary works.

High Point Church is making an impact in the DFW area.  It’s a church which believes in sharing not only where they have come from, but where they are going.  This includes motivations, passions and the ‘heartbeat’ of the ministry. 

 In 1999, Pastor Gary and April Simons were given an assignment by our Heavenly Father to come to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Their church started in a home with only 15 people in a living room.  Now 9 years strong, they are reaching out to over 400 small groups called ‘TouchPoints’ which are located around the area.  God made it clear to the Simons that High Point Church was to be called to the nations of the world and now Samaria and the ends of the earth are coming into focus.  Their mission is to Pastor the Metroplex and Evangelize the World!  Gary and April are mentoring pastors on seven continents, through the Associating of Seven Pillars Churches, impacting the world for Jesus.  Pastor Gary’s vision of these 7 Pillars is from Proverbs 9:1 Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn out her seven pillars.  The 7 Pillars are Mission, Majesty, Mantle, Message, Methods, Material Possessions & Miracles.

Craig Keeland CEO

Craig Keeland

 April having a passion and calling to start up a Women’s Ministry decided that a partnership with Fruit of the Spirit would be one way to grow this mission’s funds.  CEO & Founder of Fruit of the Spirit, Craig Keeland thought it would be a perfect opportunity for her to grow her women’s ministry.  Since Fruit of the Spirit has a divine calling to give back to ministries, this couldn’t be a more perfect partnership.  “Fruit of the Spirit is more than a company we are cause,” says Deanna Naylor, Vice President of Marketing. “Fruit of the Spirit is a product with a purpose!”  Ironically, it was Keeland who sat in Lakewood Church in 1999 as a visionary.  He asked God, how he could “Bless Others With Better Health?”   His confirmation was the inception of Fruit of the Spirit.

 April decided that inviting Fruit of the Spirit out to “Chik Nite” would be a perfect opportunity to introduce her congregation to how she as well as her family is taking Fruit of the Spirit and spreading the good news of how our body is our temple and we need to take care of it.  “Chik Nite” reaches out to over 1000 Women from around the area as well as other cities.  On July 17th, Fruit of the Spirit was equipped with a beautiful booth filled with informative brochures and samples of our marvelous Whole Fruit Puree.  Fruit of the Spirit was an instant hit as many expressed how they loved the taste and it isn’t at all bitter as some of the other products around.  Fruit of the Spirit has been invited back to High Point Church on numerous occasions.   We are excited to get our message out to “Bless More With Better Health” and appreciate the opportunity. 

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Visit our Fruit of the Spirit Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=20753&id=1646688635&saved  to see more pictures from High Point Church “Chik Nite.”  You can also visit Pastor Gary & April Simons High Point Church website at http://www.highpointchurch.com/

  1. Barb K Smith says:


    My husband Lowell, and I, visited Lakewood church in Houston the end of June. We purchased April’s Praying Scripture for Children CD. In it was a little booklet with those prayers and scriptures. Can I purchase that booklet, without the CD? I love the CD but would like to give the booklet to my other prayer partners.

    Please let me know,

  2. Hi Barb, We partner with HighPoint Church with Fruit of the Spirit but we don’t sell her material.

    I would imagine they would have the booklets for purchase separately. I have that same CD and booklet, it’s a great message.
    I would recommend calling HighPoint Church’s book store. Their phone number is (817) 394-3100.


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