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Dear Friend,

My name is John Young and I am an MD who’s been using Fruit of the Spirit in my practice for several months now. I treat many patients with chronic diseases, especially diabetes, COPD, hypertension and arthritis.

I use Fruit of the Spirit as part of my patients’ dietary and medical regimen for a number of reasons, but the number one reason is that Fruit of the Spirit has alkaline minerals. If I am to increase oxygenation within a cell, I need to raise the blood pH to 7.40. Fruit of the Spirit helps me to do this.

The other main reason I recommend Fruit of the Spirit to my patients is I can get them to ingest an ample portion of fruit and vegetables without a high carbohydrate load. This is especially important for my diabetic patients, and to date, I have not had any problems with any of my diabetic patients on the Fruit of the Spirit regimen.

Finally, as a parent, my family and I use Fruit of the Spirit because it tastes good! In the past, I have tried to coax my children (8, 5 and 2) to take all sorts of beneficial foods and nutritional supplements, but if these products don’t pass their taste test, I’ve wasted my money! My kids love Fruit of the Spirit – especially if they drink it mixed in some seltzer water or added to organic yogurt. My kids are pretty typical in that, despite our best efforts, they love junk food more than their vegetables! It’s reassuring to know that 1 oz of Fruit of the Spirit is equivalent to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, and also provides them with important trace minerals.

I’ve seen several products that are out in the market. None come close to Fruit of the Spirit. It delivers such a powerful dose of Anti-Oxidants and Minerals with very low sugar, carbohydrates and calories. I highly recommend using it with you patients.

Sincerely, Dr John Young, MD

  1. Whats the difference between this and MonaVie and Juice Plus??

  2. What is the difference between this and MonaVie and Juice Plus?

  3. Should I take a multiple vitamin, vitamin D or calcium with Fruit of the Spirit, as I had a Vitamin D deficiency?

  4. The concept of the 2 products is similar. MonaVie is sold through network marketing/distributors. Fruit of the Spirit is sold direct to consumer. We work with Christian organizations and Health organizations to get our message out. Fruit of the Spirit has a wide array of Fruits – 16 fruits, plus alkalizing minerals and anti-inflammatory herbs that help reduces aches, pains and inflammation. We wanted to create an all encompassing product with this. You only have to take 1 ounce in the morning and 1 in the evening so it keeps calorie, carbohydrates and sugars very low. Please let me know if you have any other questions from this. Thank you, Deanna Naylor

  5. Fruit of the Spirit does give you a wide array of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and natural anti-inflammatory herbs. It is important to talk with your healthcare practitioner about what supplements meet your body’s needs. The American Medical Assn. recommends that all Americans consider taking a multi-vitamin and mineral daily. And, newer research as well as the American Cancer Society’s recommendations suggest that most Americans should consider a daily vitamin D supplement. Supplements will only enhance the antioxidants and minerals that Fruit of the Spirit provides you each day.

  6. can this be taken if a person is taking coumadin?????

  7. Coumadin is an anticoagulant, a drug that makes it harder for the body to make blood clots. When unwanted blood clots form, they can travel in the bloodstream to other areas of the body and cause serious medical problems, such as a stroke. Coumadin is effective in preventing blood clots in people who have more risk for such problems.

    Your health care provider decides your dose of Coumadin based on a blood test called a prothrombin time (protime) or international normalized ratio (INR). This test measures how long it takes for your blood to clot. Overtime, your dose of Coumadin may change based on the results of this blood test. Your dose may also change if you become sick, change your diet, or are taking other medications.

    Fruit of the Spirit is completely all-natural, safe & effective. However, it is always best to check with your health care professional before taking any product while on prescriptions or medications since any of them would be a change in your diet. Please consult with your medical doctor first.

  8. Fruit of the Spirit ROCKS!

  9. This is my subsequent visit to your blog. We are starting up a whole new move in the similar niche as this site. Your website provided us significant information and facts to work with. You have done a marvellous job.

  10. Darlene Marchant says:

    I deal with osteoarthiritis. I have problems in my hands. I have just had the rooster comb injections in both knees. Will Fruit of the Spirit help me? My daughter age 34 was diagnosed with Chron’s disease several years ago. She has the inferon infusions
    on a regular basis. They put her on the birth control pills the first of this year, so that she would only have a cycle 4x a year.This made things worse. They have now put her on a type of hormones that she was to take for 15 days to correct the problem. So far it has not worked. If you do not treat Chron’s disease where would you take your child it they had Chron’s?

  11. Hi Darlene, thank you for reaching out to us with these questions. I have sent your questions to our health consultant to get you thorough answers. Also, our lead formulator Dr. Mark Pedersen has Chron’s and drinks Fruit of the Spirit daily. I’ve emailed him your question also. I’ll post their responses as soon as I receive them.

    Best to you,

  12. Because Fruit of the Spirit is anti-inflammatory (due to its mineral and whole fruit alkalinity), yes, Fruit of the Spirit is a good idea for anyone who has an inflammatory condition such as osteoarthritis.

    I would suggest looking for a physician who is knowledgeable in nutrition and functional medicine for your child with Crohn’s disease. There is a web site, http://www.functionalmedicine.org, that will help you locate a practitioner in your area. Be sure to make sure they have screened your child for vitamin D deficiency; there is a correlation with vitamin D deficiency and Crohn’s disease. Books such as Digestive Wellness by Liz Lipski, PhD and Optimal Digestive Health by Trent Nichols, MD will educate you about how functional testing (CDSA/Complete Digestive Stool Analysis from Genova Labs, Asheville, NC) will reveal what imbalances (balance of good:bad bacteria, digestive function, leaky gut membrane, and the like) may be part of why your child has Crohn’s and how lifestyle choices can be used to restore her to good health.

    I had Crohn’s disease in my 20s and was able to heal using this approach. There is hope.

    Written by Deborah Ray. 08/26/10

  13. Dale Lampinen says:

    I.V.C. ban!!? Dear Dr. Young. My wife had a rare cancer,stage 4 cyto sarcoma 3 years ago ,with her breast and part of her lung removed.She had radiation but declined chemo after we could find no one that survived more than 6-18 months after chemo (in simular cases) She started 75 grams of I.V.C. twice a week 26 months ago and has kept on it pretty steady with only a few breaks. Her last scan looked good! Praise the lord.We have no doubt the I.V.C. and the supplements have kept it away. However now the F.D.A. has told Mcguff to stop production because it is not an approved drug!Idiots! PLEASE HELP STOP THE F.D.A. Sincerely,Dale and Debbie Lampinen

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